Board of Governors

Hello! We are another part of the St Mary Magdalene Family – the Governing Body. We meet regularly to discuss the running of the school and try to put things in place to make our school EVEN better. You can see us on Governors’ Day or many other school events. If you see us, please say ‘Hello!’

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Matthew Champkin

Link subject: Maths Committees: Resources


Reji Raj Singh

Link subject: Spanish Committees: ACC

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Deborah Jackson

Link Subject: Science Committee: ACC

I was introduced to the school via 'Make Time for Paddington,' an enterprise which works with local businesses to encourage volunteering. As a Maths volunteer since 2011, my passion to become more involved within the school grew. In 2011 I joined the school's Board of Governors in September 2013 and am currently Vice-Chair.


Terry O'Brien

Link Subject: Computing; Health & Safety Committee: ACC

My name is Terry O’Brien and I am one of the Governors’ here at St Mary Magdalene School. I have been a governor since 2003 and am now the Chair of Governors. I used to be a pupil here, so it is great to come back as a governor! I am a member of St Mary Magdalene Church and have been going since my days at primary school. I work in retail: having carried out various roles working in stores and head office over the last 12 years. Every Wednesday afternoon I spend time in a different classroom getting to know the children better. I am available to hear your views after school on Thursdays.

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Maureen Pepper

Subject Link: EYFS Committees: ACC

Hello! My name is Maureen Pepper and I am a Foundation Governor who has lived in the area for nearly 30 years. I have had a long career making props and costumes for TV, film and carnival and then worked for various local authorities developing and raising funds for arts and music activities in schools. Most recently, I worked as part of a team that improved Westminster Academy, organising funding and cultural partnerships for the academy. I attend St Peter's Church in W9 where I help with the children's church amongst many other events. I am also currently a student at the Institute of Education.


Jem Sewell

Subject Link: P.E Committees: Resources

I am married with four children so I have had some experience of schools as a parent, as well as serving as a Governor on both Junior and Secondary School boards. As pastor of the local baptist church, I am delighted to be be both involved in the community and to strengthen links between churches.


Victoria Woolf

Subject Link: Art & Design Committees: ACC

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Henry Everett

Link Subject: R.E Committee: ACC

I have lived on the Warwick Estate as parish priest of St Mary Magdalene Church since 2007, and have been a governor at six different schools over a period of 24 years. I grew up in Essex, where I went to a grammar school (on free school meals) and then studied at Cambridge (on a full grant), which is part of why I am passionate about aspiration and access in education. I trained for my priesthood in Oxford, and, before I came to London, worked in Exeter, Plymouth, Cornwall and Reading. I played cricket (very badly) for the Diocese of Truro and travel extensively in the Indian subcontinent and the Muslim world.

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Tonnie Read

Committee: Resources Link: Ex-Officio


Felicia Asiedu


Subject link: Music

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